The definition of ‘The Property Market’ is
...the buying and selling of property.

It means overarching and the owner of everything relating to property So we can literally say we offer, ‘Anything property under one roof.’ This is why we are named ‘The Property Market’

The journey started back in 2015 by The Property Market Founder, Neil Harvey

Neil’s mission was to create a way to
Allow homeowners to sell their properties their way.

But Neil’s obsession didn’t stop there. Neil is building a community of property professionals – which will be known as The Propfessional Network™. The vision of the network is simple, connecting people with all the services they could possibly need when either selling or buying a property.

If you’re a property professional and you like the sound of being part of The Propfessional Network™ – contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our services, your way.

  • Choice of fees
  • Work with us online, in-person or a mix of the two

Why we created The Property Market and why we believe it’s the new way of selling property

Our mission is to offer you, a homeowner, a new way of selling your property.

When you’ve made your decision to sell your property, you, like many others, think it’s going to be a time consuming headache. Let’s face it, selling a property and selecting an estate agent when there are so many to choose from is hard.

You’ll be looking for an approachable, personal and attentive team who will take time to get to know you, and have knowledge of your local property market. You’ll want to know they have vast experience in selling property, that they will take your call at any point day or evening and have oodles of passion to do an exceptional job. AND, most importantly, give you choices to sell your property your way, that suits you the most.

The estate agency sector had remained unchanged for so long until a sprinkle of online agents disrupted the industry. We know…. Neil worked for them. But, this is why we’re different. He spotted the new ways and dreamt one day he would package up and offer to local communities around the UK - a chance to sell their way.

So, if you want to be more flexible - check out how we are different.

Fed up of just having one high fee and no other options?
You want the best fee to suit your lifestyle.

Like the ‘online’ price but frustrated with having a faceless agent?
You want to pay an online fee but visit in-person LOCAL TO YOU

Frustrated by the low flexibility of having to do everything in-person or via email
You want an online or digital solution to progress your sale or purchase

Why can’t I deal with the same person throughout?
You want exceptional communication so you don’t sound like a broken record

You just want a simple update
You want exceptional communication so you’re not chasing constantly

Having to pay upfront fees! Grrr!
You want to make sure we can sell your property first

When you need and ask for a trade or conveyancer, IFA or removals but get a glazed look
You want access to a property network for your local area you can lean on. We call this the Propfessional Network™

TPM Founder, Neil has been in the estate agency business for 20 years and was one of the first members of staff appointed by the founders of Purple Bricks during its launch in 2015.

Neil worked with homeowners and he was recognising the flaws within the model, the upfront fees, the lack of local knowledge, the fact you had to speak with Head Office that could be hundreds of miles away. And more recently worked at others like Yopa and Your Move.

Aside from working with Purple Bricks and other online EAs Neil has done his fair share of selling houses the traditional way.

This is where The Property Market is different.

The Property Market is enormously proud of their values, culture and ethic – and by the nature of our setup we are committed to supporting your local area with ‘givebacks to your community’ on every house sold.

We are here to change your views on estate agents

The Property Market (TPM) is here to revolutionise Estate Agency. In an ideal world everyone should be able to sell their property, their way – and that's what we're here to do. The property industry should no longer be one-size fits all, as that only suits the agents, not you.

We believe that The Property Market is the solution to this problem.

In short, you want an estate agent who can sell your property for the asking price or higher, keeps you updated throughout the sale as well as connecting you with reliable local professionals for any of your property needs, oh and all for a fee choice chosen by you.

What we believe in

It’s not just Neil and his founding team who believe in what The Property Market stands for. Here are just a few brands that have supported our journey along the way.

Supporting local businesses to thrive by the letting the people who are located there to give back

Through the Propfessional Network™ we connect businesses with homeowners. This helps local businesses but also helps homeowners gain access to a network of all sorts; from plumbers to IFA and removals.


So every local area we operate in will benefit from every sale. We encourage local businesses to apply to be part of our TPM Giveback Scheme™. This is what it says. The seller of every property sold is given a choice of vouchers to spend with business in the local community.

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